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AP22 IF BLOT ELITE+portataniche
AP 22 IF BLOT ELITE is a full automated system for ELISA and IFA and BLOT methods. The instrument is able to run 2 ELISA micro-plates with 8 tests on line, 16 IFA slides or 24 BLOT strips; besides of ELISA and IFA processing (AP22, AP22 IF), it is able to carry out the full automation for the Dot/Western Blot, thanks to the blot module and a camera, starting from sample dilution and dispense, reagent dispense, incubation, strip washing to the dot imaging processing and assessment for each strip; the software also provides the data record and patient report.


ELISA technical features
ELISA dilution cups 110 positions
Removable trays Modulare rack to hold calibrators, controls and reagents for 8 tests on line
Microtiter plates 2 standard plates (12 x 8 well format) incubated at room temperature or from 36° to 45°C
Shaker Microtiter plate shaking capability (optional)
Liquid handling 1 probe for dilution and dispense
Sample dispense time 11s with 2ml of wash buffer
Plate washing Two 8 nozzles manifold, one to dispense and the second to aspirate; residual volume <3µl
Wash buffers 2 Buffers for Elisa microplates in external tanks with level sensors
Plate washing inaccuracy CV <5% with 300 µl
Reading system 8 independent photo-metric channels with mono and bichromatic reading capability
Interferential filters 2 precision filters (450 e 630 nm); 2 more on request (4 filters max; 400-700 nm)
Reading capability Reading from 0.000 a 3.000 OD; inaccuracy ± 1% from 0.000 to 1.500 OD ± 2% from 1.500 to 3.000 OD
IFA technical features
Liquid handling 2 probes: one to dilute and dispense, the second for slide washing
Sample dispense time 11s with 2 mlof wash buffer
Slide processing time 30 minutes for dispense or wash 16 slides with12 wells
Supllied trays 10 tests on line capability: tray with 220 positions for dilution cups; tray with 16 positions for IFA slides; reagent tray for 18 controls, 9 conjugates, 1 cleaning solution for the probe and 2 diluents for samples
Liquid sensor probe Able to detect 150µl
Wash buffers 2 IFA slides wash buffers in external tanks with level sensors
Slide washing modes each well is washed independently, continuous flow or multiwell mode for specific washing effectiveness
Caratteristiche tecniche BLOT
Liquid handling 2 probes: one to dilute and dispense, the second for strip washing
Dispensationup to 3000µl with 1µl steps resolution
Reagent tray 10 tests on line capability: 10 x 110 ml reagent vials and 10 control positions
Strip holders 3 trays (8 strip per tray) to run up to 24 strips on the shaking plane
Wash buffers 2 strips wash buffers in external tanks with level sensors
Reading capability High resolution colour camera for imaging acquisition
COMMON technical features
Sample barcode reader built-in sliding sample barcode reader
Sample tray 91 sample tubes Ø13mm or 70 sample tubesØ16mm; both kinfs can be used at the same time
Dilution cuvettes 22 cup blocks for easy loading
Syringe1000µl volume;1µl step resolution
Dispensation from 8µl to 1000µl by steps of 1µl; inaccuracy ±1% at 100µl
Liquid tanks WASH and WASTE tanks equipped qith level sensors
Connection LIS interface capability, work list import from Host Computer, a single PC can run more instruments in parallel
Operative systems Windows 7 or Windows 10
Minimum requirements: 250 MB free space Hard Disk; CD-Rom reader ; 2GB RAM; Intel Pentium Dual Core or equivalent, VGA 1024 x 768 16 million colours; 2 free USB 2.0 port; printer.

Sugested requirements: 4GB RAM; Intel Core 2 Duo E6500 series processor or equivalent
Power requirement 230 / 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 350 W
Measurementscm 62 x 83 x 72h
Weight85 Kg