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AP 32 IF ELITE is an innovative system able to process 32 IFA slides (optional 40 slides). A special three needle system expedites the work session. The system uses a powerfull proprietary software that allows the run of more DAS instruments at th same time . It process slides with any kind of thickness, mask, well shape and number of rows, keeping the same well known accuracy of all IF processors of DAS. The instrument is equipped with a sample, reagent and control bar code reader; bar code for slides is available as well.


Built-in barcode readerfor samples, controls and reagents; barcode reader for slides (optional)
Average throughput320 wells in a run with incubation times og 30 + 30 minutes
Sample trays250 sample tubes Ø13mm or 190 sample tubes Ø16mm, combination of them can be used in the same run
Supplied trays528 positions for dilution cups; 32 positions for IFA slides (optional 40 positions); 25 controls; 11 conjugates (10 in case of Blue Evans dye) and 1 cleaning solution for the probe; 6 diluents for samples
External liquid tanks2 washing buffers for slides, eash and waste tanks, all equipped with level sensors
Slide washingWells are washed one by one to avoid carry-over
Washing modesmulti-well, continuous flow or drop by drop for specific washing effectiveness
Liquid handling3 probes: two to dispense and dilute, the third to aspirate from wells
Sample dilution time15s with 2ml of washing solution
Sample dispensation time6s (average) with 2ml of washing solution
Dispense CV < 0,1%, inaccuracy 1% at 100µl
AspirationCV < 0,3%, inaccuracy 1% at 100µl; minimum volume 5µl, 1µl resolution

Syringe2 with 1000µl volume each, 1µl resolution
Operating functionsManagement of 10 methods in the same run. Definition of incubation times and volume for sample and reagent dispense. Different incubation times for each method. Easy and fast settings for new protocols.
ConnectionLIS interface capability, work list import from Host Computer, a single PC can run more instruments at the same time
PC specificationMinimum requirements: 250 MB free space Hard Disk; CD-Rom reader; 2 GB RAM; Intel Pentium Dual Core or equivalent; VGA 1024 x 768 16million colours; 2 free USB 2.0 port.

Suggested requirements: 4 GB RAM; Intel Core 2 Duo E 6500 series processor or equivalent

Operative systemWindows 7 or Windows 10
Power requirements230 or 115 VAC, 50 - 60 HZ, 450 VA
Measurements113 x 77 x h 75cm
Weight110 Kg