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APE ELITE+Portataniche
APE ELITE is the latest version of ELISA processors able to manage 10 methods on line with 4 microplates at different temperatures. It is equipped with a sliding barcode reader; a microplate shaker is also available. Its user friendly approach for both software and hardware allows the operator to start working with the instrument as soon it is out of the box, no pre-adjustments or calibrations are required.

Technical features

Barcode reader On board for sliding sample reading
Removable trays Modular racks to hold calibrators, controls and reagents for 10 methods on line
Sample tray 169 sample tubes Ø13 mm or 130 sample tubes Ø16 mm; combination of them can be used in the same run
Dilution tray 264 dilution cups
Sample diluents 4 sample diluents on board
Liquid handling 2 probes for dilution and dispense of samples and reagents
Sample dispense time 6s (average) with 2ml of washing
Sample dilution time 15s with 2ml of washing solution
Dispense CV <0.1% inaccuracy 1% at 100µl
AspirationCV <0.3% inaccuracy 1% at 100µl; minimum volume 5µl, 1µl resolution
Plate washing Two 8 nozzle manifolds, one to dispense and the other one to aspirate; residual volume 3µl
Plate washing inaccuracy CV <5% at 300µl
Microtiter plates
4 standard plates (12 x 8 well format) indipendently incubated at room temperature or from 37° to 45°
Syringes 2 with 1000µl volume each, 1µl resolution
Reading system 8 indipendent photometric channels with mono and bichromatic reading capability.
Interferential filters 2 precision filters (450 and 630 nm); 2 more on request (4 filters max, 400-700 nm)
Reading inaccuracy Reading from 0.000 to 3.000 OD; inaccuracy ±2%
Wash buffers 4 wash buffers for microplates in external tanks
External liquid tanks 8 external tanks with level sensors
Operating Functions Management of 10 methods in the same run. Definition of incubation times and volume for sample and reagents dispense. Different imcubation times for each method. Easy and fast setting new protocols. Work list set up, patient reports and results filing. Calibration curve storage for each carried out test.
ConnectionLIS interface capabilty, work list import from Hosto Computer; a single PC ca run more instruments at the same time.
Specifiche PCMinimum requirements: 250 MB free space hard disk, CD-Rom reader; 2 GB RAM; Intel Pentium Dual Core or equivalen; VGA 1024 x 768 16 million colours, 1 free USB 2.0 port; printer

Suggested requirements: 4 GB RAM; Intel Core 2 Duo E6500 series or equivalent
Operative systems Windows 7 or Windows 10
Power requirements 230 o 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 650 VA
Measurements113 x 77 x 75 h
Weight120 Kg