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HB ANALYZER PLUS is an Haemoglobinometer for a fast and accurate determination of haemoglobin using the cyanmetahaemoglobin method. The direct reading, expressed in concentration (g/l, g/dl, mmol/l), is displayed at once. The instrument automatically performs the zero (autozero). The instrument has been conceived taking in account of precision, reliability and quick response.


Intended use measurement of hemoglobin
Samplewhole blood with anticoagulant
Reading cuvette 10 mm optical path
Minimum volume 0,9 ml
Measure unit g/l, g/dl, or mmol/l (selectable)
Reading range from 0 to 100 g/dl
Zero and checks completely automated
Reading time ~ 3s
Reading error 5% max.
Measurement system photometric
Detectorsilicon photodiode
Optical filter 540 nm
Band width 10 nm
Programming by built-in keypad
Resultson LCD display and printer
Memory capability last 1000 results
Data output USB port
Other functions incorporated calendar and timer
Operating conditions
temperature 15 - 35°C

relative humidity < 80%

Dimensions 25 x 22 x 9 cm
Weight2.3 Kg
Power requirements 230/115Vac, 50-60HZ 25W