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Plate Washer1

PLATE WASHER  is an automated washer for micro-plates with 96 wells. Original and versatile aspirate and dispense system: less than 3 µl of residue washing liquid. The software powerful and versatile, is able to manage and memorize as much as 100 washing programs. Programmable incubation capability. In combination with the Plate Reader it turns out to be a complete work station for the washing and reading of ELISA tests. The software allows the operator to execute any washing cycle; parameters setting through keyboard and display.


Programmabilityby keypad and display
Memory capacity 100 washing configuration
Residual volume < 3µl
Dispensation volume 200-400 µl with 50 µl increasing
Dispensation inaccuracy CV < 5 % with 300 µl
Processing time 70 seconds to aspirate and dispense the full plate
Liquid dispensation peristaltic pump
Liquid aspiration oscillating pump
washing volume

incubation time before the washing cycle and shaking possibility

soak time

washing cycle delay between strips

strip selection to start with washing

number of strips to be washed

number of washing cycles for each strip

number of washing cycles of the plate

final aspiration for the single strip

microplate activation
Display 2 righe con 16 colonne
Keyboard 17 tasti
Interfaceporta seriale RS232
Power requirements230/115 VCA, 50-60 Hz, 80 W
Measurements34 x 36 x 18,5 cm
Weight 11,2 Kg